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Mutual Immunity

A well functioning immune system is a very important asset, which does not only carry the medical implications that it should prevent one from becoming ill or accelerate the process of recuperating from any illness one acquires. An immune system is also a support system created by the people one is surrounded by. The immune system is the body’s physical protective measure. The body needs the immune system functioning well in order to continue enjoying a healthy life in the same way being surrounded by the right people as a support system serves as an indirect preventive mental measure to remain sane.
The immune system has plenty of work with the body on a daily basis because there are many pathological agents wherever one goes that are invisible to the naked eye. The immune system has to fight them in order to prevent them from settling in the body and causing the disease to develop however severe or insignificant this might be. The observation here should be that the immune system never rests. When one is not sick, it is busy fighting off diseases one encounters so that one might not become one more victim; and, when such measure fails, it is busy fighting the disease off the body so that one may quickly recover and be healthy once again.
In the same way the immune system fights disease, the support system created by the people one is surrounded by also fights off other negative agents that one encounters. The first one of these systems is one’s family. They are there from the beginning not by choice though by choice they remain. Family does not only protect, but also provides until one is able to do it alone. Family is the first immune system that protects one from all the maladies that one finds outside one’s home, which are mostly irrelevant as one comes to find out. Yet, the family proves competent enough to deal with the many trivialities one encounters as a child then as a teenager and early adulthood.
The immune system becomes stronger as it fights off diseases because it can create immunity. Yet, it cannot create such immunity on its own. It often necessitates vaccines that will aid in its quest for permanent health. Though it is practically impossible to be one hundred percent healthy at any given time, with the help of vaccines and medicine the immune system has a better chance at performing a well done job. In that same way, the support system created by the family is complemented with friends, as one grows older.
Friends become a different type of support system. Friends not only help with the unimportant but also tend to have a better access to what one is living through since one tends to become distant from the family, as one grows older. Friends function then in a certain way as vaccines because they are able to directly prevent one from being in a bad situation whereas family is a more after the fact group. However, this does not mean that friends prevent one from unpleasant situations at all times. Sometimes friends are the cause one is in said situations.
But that is a personal choice.
The immune system is already part of the body when one is born, and although recommended, becoming vaccinated is a choice. Thus, there is a difference between the family support system and the support system created by friends. Though the support system is mutual in both cases, one tends to be obligated through family bonds to be part of that system for a family member whereas one is part of the other system by choice. The immune system’s job is to maintain one healthy though it sometimes fails because it cannot alone do its job. Equally, friends and family try to be supportive in any facet of one’s life, but there are times when there is so much work one gives them, which eventually causes them to also fail in their attempt.
In order to remain healthy, one must not leave all the work to the immune system. One must play the part that is correspondent by eating healthy and taking preventive measures. It has to be a complimentary job. In the same way, one has to be cooperative if friendships and family relations are to function because in the same way they are one’s support them one is also part of their support system. It is mutual.

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