Monday, April 13, 2009

Making History

It is a sad fact, but today’s youth fails to understand that the many years they spend learning inside a classroom will only deliver knowledge, never experience; and, without the latter, the former is not enough. A life is formed not only by the present, but also by the past and the future.
The past is represented by those days that have only left lessons from which one has to learn however painful they were since they have made one a better individual. It is as simple as the saying goes, “the devil knows better because he is old, not because he is the devil,” and it is precisely due to such saying that one should listen to the stories grandparents have to tell because the experience they have comes from the life they have lived. It is not for sale. Their stories appear to be taken out of a fiction novel because they reflect a life one can only imagine full of a richness that go beyond the material and seem impossible to obtain. Grandparents have all the experience one needs today in order not to commit the mistakes that will make one spend the future trying to amend them and repeating how many times one had the opportunity to listen and learn but did not. One is so accustomed to a life plagued by materialism which makes one forget how important it to learn from those who came before because their roots are deepest in the soil. Such deepness reflects the experience grandparents have acquired through out their lives, which one must take advantage of instead of dismissing them as simple ideas from times passed. It is true that many opportunities one can celebrate; they never had which is the reason why their roots are so important. As a tree does not fall held by the strength of its roots, one also remains standing. Without the many privileges one has today, grandparents built a life on a strong basis fed through their roots, a life that now extends itself to their offspring and grandchildren.
If the grandparents are the past, then the parents are the present. They represent the stability of the trunk, which the tree needs to continue its growth. They have also had an opportunity to add their corresponding part to history. Although they do not lack knowledge, they have not lived enough to have the wisdom grandparents have and so they remain strongly attached to the roots. As a basis one has had education and the love parents provide, in such way one has become the fruit of the struggle in which everyone has participated. Without parents, the tree would not have survived because a tree without branches is only a trunk that is near death. However, one remains, which can only mean the branches have protected the fruit held by a strong base. One must take complete advantage from the educational opportunities one has in order so the tree continues to flower and producing fruits. In the present one must learn what will allows one to continue in the future because giving up now would be equivalent to drowning at the shore after having swam for so long and such a long distance. If one allows the tree to die, it would only be the result of the failure of the fruit to absorb the nutrients, which it was provided with as well as its lack of seeds.
Today one has the future at hand as the fruit of the tree that represents the family. Family that is not only formed by blood ties but also by friends, teachers, coworkers who have helped to take care of the tree. The future will be the result of everything one has been able to intake through the roots; from what the present has provided as care, protection and love as courtesy of the parents; and, the educations one has acquired as a personal achievement resulting from the constant struggle to excel. Finally it will be a result especially of how one puts to practice the lessons one has learned. Now it is one’s turn to leave a mark in history, but one must be very careful how that mark will be left.
Life is not today. Life is tomorrow because tomorrow is when the effort will bring results. The road does not end today. The path merely begins day because success is found before work only in the dictionary.

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