Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Thy Shadow But Thyself

It is often said that the only guarantee one has in life is the fact that one will inevitably die one day, which is a mistake. There is another detail that life has guaranteed from the moment of one’s birth: pain in any of its varied forms. One is bound to be hurt and to suffer whoever one is and whatever one does. While such suffering is at times self-perpetrated, many others it is caused by those around. Yet, the only reason one is able to feel such pain is because one allows the feeling to overpower oneself. One must be able to differentiate between the trust one has on oneself and the trust one places on others, which is ultimately what makes the difference in feeling painful disappointments or dismissing such events as simple discontent. If one disregards others’ ability to account for one’s happiness, happiness will in fact be reached especially when it requires one to depend exclusively on oneself in order to be achieved.
As unnecessary as this might sound, one should know that life is not an easy task to experience despite the fact that the only architect of a life is the person who lives it. There will always be difficulties surrounding one’s every step since there is not anybody who can design a perfect life. One must be prepared to cope with the shortcomings of the design one makes. Regardless of those deficiencies, one must trust oneself to be strong enough to withstand the winds that will shake one to the roots and attempt to break one. One must remain solidly attached to the ground and in one piece. It will hurt, but one will be well if one so decides. One must also understand that pain is necessary for one to grow. One must comprehend the extent to which suffering plays a role in advancing potential as it is said, what does not kill will strengthen. It is inevitable to suffer. But the pain, whatever its source and however strong, is only temporary. The amount of time it remains depends on the kind of wound and who caused it. One should be able to discern the past of each wound so that one can surpass the pain. Whatever or whoever caused one to ache exists in a past that can only reach the present if one is not strong enough to leave it where it belongs. If said pain continues in the present, it will prevent satisfaction.
It is also important to realize that the only person one should trust is the one who can be observed in the mirror every morning. As one can guarantee people will harm one in one way or another, trust should be placed only on oneself; especially considering that the only person interested in someone’s personal well being is the person whose welfare is in question. Thus, trust should be a personal affair. Nevertheless, one should not by any means forgo relationships of any kind due to fear of being hurt. One must trust oneself enough to entertain those relationships and know that when and if they end, one will emerge perhaps with scars but well. One should, of course, trust the people who take part in one’s life. Yet, one should not trust them to the degree where one depends on them to be well. One should only trust them to a certain extent that will always allow one to be perfectly fine without ever having to depend on others’ actions.
Finally, one must be able to face that fact that one can also be the cause of the pain experienced. Perfection is not a quality enjoyed by anyone and as such one is bound to make mistakes. Hopefully, one makes many since that would mean one has actively participated in life as opposed to having remained inside watching life walk on the sidewalk from the window. Watching from the sidelines will not build the confidence necessary one needs to stand up after each mistake and continue the journey towards success. A success that means one will be well despite the flaws discovered, which is an important insight because the question is not about what is possible, the question is, what does one really want? Whatever the answer is, trust it can be done if one desires it enough to achieve it. That is the only way one can live a life in which one will truly live, learn and move on.

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