Monday, May 4, 2009

Fishing Trip

There are many people who need help with life. In fact, everyone needs help at some point in life. The difference lies in how people deal with this need. Some people never attempt to seek said needed help and learn after difficult and long struggles, how to cope with their problems alone. Other people, however never learn and they need constant encouragement, which at times turns into a hand holding procedure whenever they encounter a problem that seems to be bigger than them which might not necessarily be the case. The dilemma raised by this situation is that there is a very thin line between encouraging someone in order to help them overcome their difficulties and holding their hands through as they walk through their problems on their way to defeating them.
There is a very small group of people who are self-sufficient. These people actually do not necessitate at any given time anyone to provide them help with anything. They tend to help others often, and in consequence people sometimes tend to feel as if they own them some help when they need. But that time for repayment never arrives. These people are very uncommon, yet they exist. They are also generally humble since they know there is not any need to swank their abilities. They are good at whatever they do, hence if any of them offers help one most definitely should accept it. There will not be a disappointment in doing so.
There are other people who as those who fall in the previous category also do not need help achieving their tasks. Yet, they require something a bit more drastic. They need to be encouraged in any endeavor they might choose to take. They need to be constantly reminded of how well they perform their job or any task that is given to them or which they choose to do. It is not that they are incapable of doing what they must; rather they need someone to remind them that they are capable to do so. They tend to forget their passed glories since more often than not these people are those have suffered a crisis that let them fall from the branch where those who are completely self-sufficient sit. They need to be simply encouraged, merely through words but not actual physical help or whichever kind of help is required for them to accomplish their tasks. Finally, there are those others who need to be walked through life whatever path they choose. These people do not only need to be continuously encouraged in any possible way that might provide them some confidence. They also need to have someone next to them at all moments in which they attempt to complete a task. Otherwise, they will not make an effort since they are afraid that they will fail and there will not be anybody to fix their mistakes. They persistently need to be taken care of and the support of those around them because they feel as though the world will end if that is not the case. They simply cannot do anything on their own. They always need a presence of someone whom they believe stronger and thus capable of holding them as they walk if the occasion might present itself when they stumble in order to prevent them from falling.
There is, however, a problem. The first category of people is so sure of their capabilities, that when they fail, they fall to the bottom. It is difficult for them to rise again. The last category of people is simply incapable of survival. They must constantly be nurtured. Helping them is rewarding because one feels accomplished since the task at hand that required help is done by the helper not the one who sought help. They are regularly given fish so they can eat, but they never learned and never will learn how to fish so they can feed themselves.
The second category of people is more practical. They will make their best effort to success, but they know they will need the help of those around them in the same the same way those around need from them. Although they might need to be reminded, they have longed learned how to fish in order to feed themselves. The key is to know the rules as if one had written them, but knowing that one is merely improving them.

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